• 100% Natural Straw
  • Saves Trees
  • Completely Biodegradable
  • Sterilized
  • Water-Resistant
  • No Bad Aftertaste
  • You are one step away from making this planet a greener place!

Our Product

Zero Guilt Straw is made from wheat hay. No chemicals are involved in the production of these straws and no toxic chemicals or gases are released into the environment.They are a perfect fit for your cocktails, mocktails, soft drinks and hot beverages. Zero Guilt Straw is disposable and sterilized hence it meets all the hygiene standards.

Why Zero Guilt Straw ?

Minimise the use of paper

More than two trees are cut to produce every 100 Kg of paper. In addition to deforestation there are severe environmental issues associated with the paper industry including use of harmful chemicals resulting in water,air and soil pollution. Zero guilt straw is an effort to minimise the use of paper.

Doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste

Sipping your favourite beverage will not spoil your taste buds anymore. Zero guilt straw is water- resistant and doesn't turn soggy on usage.

A perfect alternative to single use plastic straw

Plastic is a major degrading material to our environment. It's high time we move towards more sustainable products in our daily lives.

Easy on the pocket

Zero Guilt Straw is an economical alternative when compared to steel, glass and bamboo straws.

Helping the farmers

We procure our raw material from small farmers directly. It helps to boost their income and is a step towards financial inlcusion.

About Us

Our mission is to create sustainable products and preserve nature. There are a few products in the market that claim to be biodegradable but they come at a major environmental cost like deforestation, air pollution and water pollution. Zero guilt straw is an effort to create one of kind product, apart from being completely biodegradable it is 100% natural, non-polluting and no trees are cut in the process of making them.

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